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Founded New Audience Media in 2013 with the mission of brokering digital audience segments of trade shows and conferences to exhibitors and sponsors. This gave exhibitors a new way to advertise to event attendees wail generating a new revenue source for trade show managers. Some exhibitors saw a 50% increase in show leads. Show management experienced a $50,000 to $150,000 increase in sponsorship revenue.

As a solo founder I generated just under a Million in revenue, raised a seed round leading to a $1.5 million dollar post money valuation, lead a team of 4 employees  who sold and managed 75+ advertiser accounts. During my time at NAM I was enrolled in entrepreneur organization for leadership and executive training.

Content Fuel

I created Content Fuel in 2012 with the mission of giving thought leaders an easy way to create authority blog content. Thought leaders would send us recordings of ideas, trend analysis, responses to news headlines, or rants from their phones. Our team would transform these into well written blog posts then submit them as guest posts, or publish them on our clients blog. Social Advertising would be used to target niche audiences in order to introduce these ideas into niche audience segments. 

At the companies peak I had a team of 3 writers, 15 client advertiser accounts, and managed $30,000 in reoccurring monthly ad spend.  

Gervelis Search Marketing

After 6 years working for agencies, In 2009 I started an independent consultancy (Gervelis Search Marketing) and specialized in Strategy, SEO, PPC, Display Advertising and Google Analytics. For 4-years I manged a book of business that included local hospitals, cancer research centers, retail chains, airlines, and service companies along with referral partnerships from local ad agencies. In 2010 I started my professional blogging career as a contributor at Search Engine Journal, co-founded the Seattle Search Network, and sat on the board of directors at the Eastside Business Association

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